Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The last of the fermenting for a bit. The first sauerkraut I made was way too salty for me and it went in the compost pile. These 2 were made with very light salt and wine for the liquid. One with a dry white wine and one with a burgundy wine. I think it turned out better than the other one. Smelled better, tasted less salty, kept a hint of the wine smell and flavor, but honestly, I really don't like really sour food and it was really sour. Ever have the Warhead candy? That kind of sour. I know - sauerkraut, it's supposed to be sour, but I just can't do it, so I'm not. But at least I know the principle of how to do it now and have tried 2 different ways with success. That makes it a good experiment and learning experience.
I still have a couple of bags of garlic to dehydrate. Maybe in a week or two. I really need to get it done.
And it's getting more springlike out there so I'll be starting my tomato, pepper, cabbage, kale, and herb seeds soon. I did plant some cumin and anise seeds indoors, but they dried out and I lost about half of them. I haven't replanted yet.
On a good note, the killdeer and red-wing blackbirds are back now. That always makes it feel like spring to me, even though there are snow flurries out there today and it's only 37 degrees.

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  1. Yum! I don’t like my sauerkraut too sour either. I remember the warhead candies – ouch! Looks like you’re on a good path to success. :-)



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