Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dehydrating Garlic

As you can see from all the green sprouts it is time to get serious on dehydrating all the garlic I still have from last fall. It took me about 4 hours to break up the cloves, peel them, and slice them for the dehydrator. It made about 3 half pint jars and I used the Foodsaver vacuum sealer lid attachment on the jars to store them. Today I did another batch (Ontario Purple Trillium) that size but it went much faster because it was a different variety that had larger cloves and were easier to peel. The skins just popped off. I still have 2 more bags of garlic in the studio waiting and my son wants me to do his (which I will gladly do). It will be great to have it all done and know I didn't plant as much for this coming summer.
Next fall when I plant I may stick to the Ontario Purple Trillium and Bavarian, both of which have large easy to peel cloves. I've found I'm no garlic connoisseur so there is no point to growing a big variety, especially since I never managed to get to Farmer's Market to sell some last fall like I had planned. But it was fun trying some different kinds. 


  1. I was on a hike a couple weeks ago where dehydrated produce was the way to go. Somebody brough along some dehydrated garlic slices that beautifully brought out the flavour of our noodles.

    Great work on your huge harvest. I only wish the internet could allow us to taste a little! :-)


    1. Thanks Pavel - I wish I could give internet tastes too. Dehydrating concentrates the flavors and I have a few varieties that are quite hot.


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